The Royal Rack

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SCORELAND: How do you choose your bras? Joana: I have two brands I like: Maria Jo and Prima Donna. I buy them on the Internet. SCORELAND: What do you look for in a bra? Joana: The color, the style. I try to find pretty bras, but that is not always easy in my size. SCORELAND: Do you sleep in a bra? Joana: No. I sleep naked. But I wear sexy clothes to bed with a man! SCORELAND: At what age did your breasts start developing? Joana: Maybe at 13. I was bustier than every girl in my class. SCORELAND: When did you start being comfortable with your boobs? Joana: Later, when the guys were looking at my eyes and not just at my breasts. They used to look just at my breasts. It makes me feel good that they look at all of me, and I don't mind that they look at my breasts, too. I can feel the love. The bigger the breasts, the more love you have to give.