Bodacious Bikini Girl

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Carolina girl Mya Blair and her bikini fit in nicely with the Miami lifestyle. XLGirls: Mya, no doubt your boobs get you plenty of attention. Mya: Very much. It's just become a part of life for me, and I mean that in a good way. They're good ice-breakers and even a source of humor. I have fun with them. XLGirls: What's your favorite word for breasts? Mya: Tits. It just seems like it fits. Other peoples' I call boobs. Mine, I call tits. I feel like they're different. XLGirls: Tits give us fits. Do you watch porn? Your first boy-girl was very horny. Mya: Oh, yeah. A lot! My favorite is something with a MILF involved. XLGirls: A MILF? Mya: I don't know. It's just something about having an older woman seduce a younger guy. It turns me on. If I ever decide to have kids, I wanna be a MILF.